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Risk free, hassle free completions.
Every project. Every time.

100% Paperless, 100% Auditable

Perform completely paperless turnovers and completions that are easily audited. Your progress is updated in real-time, documentation is easily accessible to all stakeholders where and when they need it, and handoff between phases is automatic and seamless.

Multi-disciplinary Visibility

Track and manage the progress of all disciplines on the project in one master database, including civil, piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control systems. Your team has 100% visibility and accessibility to data, progress and reports at all times.

Save Time and Effort on Projects

RFO Central is extremely fast to implement, and comes with a library of more than 500 templated checklists. Your projects and your teams will be up and running much more quickly than before, allowing you to compress your schedule and reduce your budget.

Delivering Value at Every Lifecycle Stage


Engineering & Design







Routine Maintenance


Regulatory Compliance



Eliminate your commissioning headaches

Progress Tracking

Confidently track and manage progress on your projects regardless of discipline or project phase.

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Verification & Sign-off

Define custom sign-off and approval processes for every checklist and workflow in every project phase.

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Work Planning

Effortlessly sync data with scheduling software Primavera or CMMS for full work planning functionality.

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Management of Change

Ensure management of change processes are implemented and properly documented every time.

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Real-time Reporting

Provide up-to-the-minute reporting to your team or stakeholders at any time during the project lifecycle.

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Regulatory & Audits

Fulfill regulatory reporting requirements with ease, and rest easy knowing audits will go smoothly.

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Digital Completions
in the palm of your hand

Eliminate paper checklists in the field. Mobile apps for both Android and IOS are available, so your team can use the device they already have to complete checklists, document deficiencies and sign off on work completed, and data is immediately synced back to RFO Central for instant updates and reporting.


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Why Implement Digital Completions Software?

Completions projects typically result in thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of tasks that must be tracked and managed, checklists that must be filled out and approved, and documents that

RFO Central is now available as a Subscription

We’re very pleased to announce the launch…  

Here’s What Our Users are Saying


RFO Central is very intuitive and user friendly. It is one of the best completions programs I have ever used.”

Reed Maxson
Commissioning Manager
NAR Refining

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